Space Journey Onboarding

Designed by Pedro Ribeiro

Apple UI Design Resources

Apple UI Design Resources (Photoshop & Sketch)

Download for Photoshop – File size: 136.2 MB Download for Sketch – File size: 2.1 MB

clean and modern design

Industrial IoT

Beautiful clean and modern design by Zajno.

swipeable cards with parallax

Nike Promotion Ads

Swipeable cards with parallax by Jardson Almeida.  

Bootstrap 4 UI Kit for Sketch

Bootstrap 4 UI Kit for Sketch (Sketch Resource)

Awesome Bootstrap 4 UI Kit for Sketch by ZTfer.

Carbon Material Wireframe Kit

Carbon Material Wireframe Kit (Sketch Resource)

Really nice and high-quality material design wireframing kit by Panagiotis.

Bootstrap 3 Vector UI Kit

Bootstrap 3 Vector UI Kit

This UI Kit contains all Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI controls in vector format.

UI Icons Pack (Sketch Resource)

Design by Talha Kaya

Splash screen

Splash Screen

Design by Cuberto

Menu Animation

Menu Animation

Design by Anastasiia Andriichuk

Finance Mobile App

Finance Mobile App

Design by Alper Tornacı

WaveOC Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Designed by Tetiana Donska

pull down refresh

Liquid Pull Down

Designed by Ramotion


Onboarding Illustrations


Android App Onboarding

Onboarding Screen Illustrations

DESIGNED  BY Ghani Pradita

Onboarding animations

Onboarding Screens

DESIGNED  BY Virgil Pana

Onboarding Cards

Onboarding Cards

Onboarding cards for a travel app. DESIGNED BY UI8

UI Kit Sketch Resource

Calling App UI Kit (Sketch Resource)

Wonep Calling App UI Kit Sketch Resource. Beautiful UI kit by Alexey Matyushkin represents a complete iOS app.

UIME Massive Kit Sketch Resource

UI Kit (Sketch Resource)

UI kit by Andrei, a motion designer and UI/UX designer from Paris.

Diagonal layout

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Lines and Circles trend started in 2016 and continues in 2017.

bold colors

Bold colors

Use bold colors to make a statement. You can use color palette by Google to choose and pair the colors that will suit your design.

Typography Trends

2017 Typography Trends

Big, bold & beautiful typography – In 2017 typography is bold and big with statement titles. Check out the artist: Alexander Laguta

Color Transitions

Color Transitions

Color transitions are everywhere in 2017!

Animated logos

Animated logos

Motion design is a huge trend 2017 and you can find it in all design fields.

Line art

Line art

Line art is popular among the new and modern business.

Geometric Design


cropped logo


Cropped Logo Design Trend Check out the artists: Aleksandr Maksimov

2017 Logo Design Trends

2017 Logo Design Trends

Minimalist Big brands are switching to minimal design, this trend is here to stay for 2017.

Semi Flat Design

Semi Flat Design

DESIGNED BY Multiple Owners

Isometric Icons

Isometric Icons



World Places Card


weather UI

Weather UI